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By Voodoo Ranger

Official gear of epic beer

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Eau De Hops

Passion. Elegance. Temptation. Allure. Other B.S. adjectives. Discover it all in Eau De Hops, an exclusive IPA-scented cologne. Surrender your senses to the tantalizing essence of the local dive bar and experience the magnetic attraction of beer lovers everywhere. 

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V-Shirt #6

Be So Fortunate

If your fortune teller doesn’t see Voodoo Ranger beer in your near future, tell her that her lips appear “quite chapped”, and consider filing a formal complaint with the licensing board. After all, the punishment must fit the crime. Better yet, slip into this futuristic V-shirt by Eric Thompson (@ericthompson) and play ball with Voodoo Ranger instead. Because around here, all paths lead to the IPA of your dreams.

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Imperial Basketball Jersey

Fit For A King

If you want to make the Hall of Fame, you have to put up numbers. Well, here's the most important number: 9.0. That's the ABV of our Imperial IPA, and it's also the one you'll be rocking when you wear this jersey. Note the piping on the top and sides, a Rangerous touch that's sure to intimidate on the court and in the taproom. Shirts and skins? I know what side I'm on.




This isn’t a mere beer sign. This is an Official Voodoo Ranger Neon Sign. A bright, glowing beacon of hope that tells your friends, “Relax, you’re not about to be handed a seltzer, sour beer, or barrel-aged stout.” Whether it’s going up in your man cave, your she shack, or above the lava lamp in your parent’s basement, this is an essential home furnishing for any Voodood or Voodoodette’s beer drinking spot.

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Drink Markers

Never Drink Alone Again

Cry over your ex with Imperial by your side. He’s here to listen. Confide in Juicy Haze with your
deepest secrets. He won’t tell a soul about the real reason you’re banned from water parks. Tell Voodoo Ranger IPA how much you love him. He won’t ask you to stop because it’s getting weird. You always have a friend with Voodoo Ranger Drinking Buddies.

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Action Figure

the official voodoo ranger action figure

It’s not a doll! This Voodoo Ranger action figure gives you permission to Live Rangerously wherever you go. This fully poseable figure has moving joints and a bendable waist so he can sit next to you at the bar, the car, or on your nightstand. Plus, just detach the Voodoo Ranger IPA six pack and cheers him with a beer of your own. It’s absolutely nothing like a tea party! 


Playing Cards

Know when to hold'em and know when to fold'em

Take your friend's money. Take the shirt off their back. Take their 401K. Take their house. Take their car. Take their parents’ respect. Take everything in their fridge. With this deck in your hand, your friends will be too distracted by the handsome Voodoo Ranger face cards to even notice that they just lost to a pair of twos. Leaving you open to take what’s yours…which is what’s theirs.


Bobble Head


The year is 3055. On the dashboard of your great-great grandson’s flying sports car sits his most prized possession: an original Voodoo Ranger bobble head. The space turbulence causes the oversized skull to gently bounce up and down. “Wow, they sure don’t make things like they used to…this thing is really high quality!” your distant grandson thinks to himself. He smiles at the bobble head fondly as he directs his autopilot for Omar Sepion 8. Onward.


Bumper Sticker Collection


Who needs a Lamborghini, when you can slap one of these bad boys on your trunk and turn that hand-me-down ‘84 minivan into the most Rangerous ride on the block? Meet the first-ever Voodoo Ranger bumper sticker collection, the only road trip drip that boldly declares to the dude you made unintentional eye contact with at the traffic light, “Hey dude, I live Rangerously!” Forget your politics, your alma mater, and your pretentious 9-year-old honor student. Instead, brag about what really matters: your excellent taste in beer. Your whip’s gonna look so slick, no one will notice you’re illegally parked in front of a fire hydrant.