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By Voodoo Ranger

Official gear of epic beer

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Big Hop Energy Truck Ornament (SOLD OUT!)

Swing into town with some swag

When you’re secure with your masculinity it’s important to let the entire world know. And that’s exactly why Captain Dynamite is selling you his custom Truck Hops. This pair of glorious hops are 9”x7” in size and attaches right to the back of your soon to be swinging truck. Keep your ego in-tact and grab these one-of-a-kind Truck Hops today!

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Captain Dynamite Hops Life Decal

You haven’t lived until you’ve dynamited

Are you about that Hops Life? That bold and that brash life? Then why would you keep that information to yourself? With this 8” x 7.75” Captain Dynamite Hops Life Clear Decal, you can boast about your bravado by slapping this bad boy on your windshield, laptop, or refrigerator. So don’t be overly bitter, be overly better like Captain Dynamite and slap this sticker on something you love.



the official voodoo ranger action figure

It’s not a doll! This Voodoo Ranger action figure gives you permission to Live Rangerously wherever you go. This fully poseable figure has moving joints and a bendable waist so he can sit next to you at the bar, the car, or on your nightstand. Plus, just detach the Voodoo Ranger IPA six pack and cheers him with a beer of your own. It’s absolutely nothing like a tea party! 

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